Asbestos is a substance that was commonly used in insulation, coverings for water tanks and textured coatings on ceilings in the late 19th century. At the time it was used because of its excellent soundproofing qualities and because it was resistant to heat, electrical and chemical damage. However, as we all now know asbestos can be very harmful to your health – causing diseases such as lung cancer – so it should be handled by a professional asbestos remediation expert. Here are some reasons why:


1)    Health. As mentioned above, asbestos – especially the type found in insulation, which is easily breathed in – can be very dangerous. An asbestos remediation expert will not only have the correct tools to deal with asbestos, they will know how best to handle it to mitigate the danger.


2)    Complete removal. An asbestos remediation expert will also know where to look for asbestos, and which types should be taken out. The worst, as mentioned, is insulation, as it is the most dangerous. It also occurs in other parts of the home, such as water tanks made before 1980 and textured coatings on ceilings. It is also found in fuse boxes, heater cupboards, toilet cisterns, thermoplastic and vinyl floors, and tile backing.


3)    Simple. It is much simpler – and much safer, as well – to hire an expert to remove your asbestos. You will not have to worry about breathing in the asbestos particles. It is best to hire an expert when the dangers of doing it yourself far outweigh the benefit of saving money.


4)    Testing. An asbestos remediation company can not only take out the asbestos, they can test for it as well. So if the insulation in your home does not contain asbestos, then you do not have to remove it. It is a simple test to qualm your fears. Testing should be conducted when you are planning on renovating any part of your home that opens the walls to the insulation.



5)    Asbestos is dangerous. It cannot be stressed enough the harm that can be done when you handle asbestos without the proper equipment. Asbestos – especially insulation – will release small harmful particles if it is drilled, moved, broken or cut. If you breathe in these particles, or touch them without proper safety gear, you can get very sick.


If you are planning on renovating your home, or are just curious, it is essential to procure asbestos testing for your home. If you do have asbestos, always contact your Restoration Worx to remove it rather than trying to take it out yourself. It is much safer, easier and in the long run cost-effective to hire an asbestos remediation company to do the job for you.