It is important to clean your carpet at least every six to 12 months. Depending on the amount of people and/or pets living in your home, that time can shorten to every three months. One of the most important reasons to keep your carpet clean is pests. Even though your carpet may look clean, it very well may hide pests such as maggots, carpet bugs and ants. This is why it is essential to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to ward away these types of insects. The following are some common household pests that may make their home in your carpet.

1) Maggots.

Maggots are essentially baby flies. The flies will lay their eggs on any organic matter, such as crumbs, dropped food or the like. The maggots will feed on these leftovers when they hatch. It is necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clear up maggots, as just vaccuuming them up will not work. You can also ward away the problem by having your carpet professionally cleaned every three months or so.

2) Carpet bugs.

Carpet bugs can and will eat holes in your carpet. They will also eat holes in your furniture, your clothes – anything made out of fabric, even something that is 90 per cent synthetic. Carpet bugs are oval-shaped and are a little smaller than a lady bug. They can come in bright orange or shiny black, and anything in between. These pesty insects may also make their home in dog food or cereal boxes, so be wary for these places as well.

3) Ants.

The food source for ants can be anything from food or organic matter, like a maggot, to the wood of your furniture and walls. The most common ants to find in a home are carpenter ants and field ants. Carpenter ants are the type that eat wood (hence the name carpenter) and field ants will eat organic matter. Essentially the only time an ant enters a home is for food and water – they normally make their nest outside.

4) Spiders.

Spiders aren’t normally found in carpets, but their food source, flies, are. So therefore, if you do not have clean carpets, which leads to maggots and flies, it is more than likely you will have a problem with spiders as well. Spiders will spin webs in any corner of your home, or from your chandelier to the wall. They are very industrious and will stick around as long as there is a food source.

5) Silverfish.

Silverfish are also called fishmoths, paramites or carpet sharks. They will nest within your home, anywhere that is moist such as attics, garages, closets, bathrooms and basements. Silverfish’s diet varies, from book bindings, hair, sugar, coffee and photos to clothing, carpet and dandruff. As silverfish can live for a year without eating, it is essential that your carpet is clean to ensure they do not find a home within your carpet.