Whether your mother-in-law is coming over for the long weekend or you are hosting a party, cleaning your carpets is usually one of your to-do items. Cleaning your carpets isn’t only for special occasions, however. If you have two adults living in your home, you should clean your carpet every six to 12 months. If those adults smoke, the time shortens to every four months. Add pets and/or children and it should be every three months. Your carpet may not look dirty to the eye, but it definitely is. Here are some reasons why you should clean your carpet.

1) Wear and tear.

Dirty carpets not only look bad, they will also shorten the life of your carpet, requiring them to be replaced more often than if you kept it clean. The dirt goes down into the fibers of your carpet, shredding them from the inside and making them look horribly filthy on the outside.

2) Odor.

A carpet that is clean will not only look better, it will smell better as well. This is especially essential if you have children that play on the carpet, just for sake of hygiene. Just like anything else, bad smells usually mean breeding micro-organisms or pests as well.

3) Looks.

The obvious reason to clean your carpet – it looks better! This is very true for the lighter colored carpets, as they will show dirt more than darker ones. As well, cleaning your carpets will make the fibers more fluffy and less trampled down.

4) Allergies.

Believe it or not, having a clean carpet will be better for your health. Dirt, including dust motes, pet dander and such, which can aggravate allergies, will get stuck in the fibers of your carpet. By cleaning your carpet, you will enjoy a much healthier and happier household.

5) Pets.

The dirtier the carpet, the easier it is for pests like maggots, carpet bugs and different types of ants to make a home in the fibers. By cleaning your carpet, these bugs never get a hold on your carpet and do not live long enough to nest and breed.

By cleaning your carpet, you will not only enjoy a brighter looking and smelling household, you will ward against allergies plus bugs as well. A clean carpet shows visitors to your home that you care about how your house looks; no matter how clean and tidy the home is, a dirty carpet with stains or a general rough look will always trump the rest of the home.

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